Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Day- Man ngiy ñibbi

I leave for the airport at midnight tonight. Last night was spent at "Baobab 4" as the bar around the corner from the 3 actual Baobab Center is called by the students here. It was great to get a lot of people together. There was much hugging, joking and photo taking. I don't think it's really hit me yet that I'm leaving. As Fridays are the dress up days here, I'm celebrating my last chance to really get to use my boubou. My host family said for me to wear it home, and I think I will wear it to the airport to keep them happy and then change once there. 
I am still trying to fit Butterball into my suit case as I have decided he is well worth the 50 $ overweight fee, but i think he would flat out break my suitcase. 
I might update this blog a few more times after getting back to the states, but as I am leaving Senegal, it's clearly not that applicable anymore. 
Thank you to everyone for following my on my adventure of a 6 month study abroad in Senegal. Best of luck to you all, and to anyone else who may be headed off to Senegal. 
Merci pour tous
A la prochaine
Ba beenen yoon

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